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Farewell Post. Or Why I’ve Upgraded Myself

We all grow, seasons change and at some point we move on. That’s why I’m blogging at not here.

My time as Leader4Hire has come to an end and I’m leaving it with high spirits because greater things are coming.

My first blog post ever was logged here – never mind that it was my own recipe for chicken tortilla soup! That post years ago got me over the fear of blogging and onto a path of personal exploration and community discussions. I’m thankful for that small step in the right direction years ago.

My identity as Leader4hire began in 2005 as a testament to what I saw myself as, a leader in business who was persistently for hire as a web and marketing consultant. With this identity I established myself on twitter and facebook and numerous other places and began to hunker down with it as a personal brand. As I began owning my professional identity, overtime I realized that my intention was fine, the package I delivered it in didn’t mesh well with others. Many thought Leader4hire was a recruiting service or that I was some sort of sales person – just by the name alone.

Lesson learned.

On this site, I explored my beginning dreams and shared my love and passion for entrepreneurial endeavors and for being focused on doing the work you love and the work that matters. I also explored topics that I was passionate about and trying to merge them. Posts about pandora music and their marketing, for example, became experiments in two passions as one topic. I began to share my views on marketing and social media and my fundamental conclusions on what makes business work – things like systems and sales efforts.

In many ways, this site was my garden and I was the bee pollinating it, the gardener cultivating it and the pests spoiling the fruit – both the protagonist and antagonist. I’ve made a lot of mistakes here on this site and tried many things – some fruitful and some not so much. We live and learn.

From here, I launched an ebook with about 30 wonderful people. It took having this site, creating relationships online and at conferences and having a vision and willingness to do the work to get there.

In 2008 or 2009 I realized that my name “Justin McCullough” was showing a lot of results, but none of them where me. Turns out a lot of Justin’s share my last name – one of them is even a convict in Florida (this is definitely not me)! Once I realized this, I began to focus on my online identity, my findability and my online presence. These discoveries would be important efforts for my online identity as well as the client work I did. I thank this site for letting me “take my name back” as Justin McCullough online.

This site has been a good friend to me too. I’ve been able to talk about personal things, failures and successes alike and even share my dreams and interest. For awhile I was hung up on fear and Seth Godin’s book, Linchpin, and felt this was an important battle to fight for. We should not be afraid to do what we love and what we care about, Through this, I started another site focused on Linchpins and began to create a wonderful cadre of friends whom still mean a lot to me.

But things change. I’ve changed. As always, I’ve had my eyes on the horizon and while the journey has been challenging it has been very rewarding. I’ve grown and this site is no longer “me” anymore. I mean, it was me for years, but it just isn’t true to who I am now.

I’m no longer Leader4hire the web and marketing consultant talking about fear and dreams or fusing passions and online initiatives.

Now, I’m simple Justin McCullough – speaker and trainer. It’s no longer about me, it’s about my life calling to serve others and show them a purposeful life more so than a passionate life and for those in business to see things that actually build business with focus instead of staying in a constant flux.

I realized it’s not what I’m capable of, but instead it’s what I’m called too.

Join me at my site, as I continue on this new leg of my journey, now with a greater purpose and sense of my Christian self as well as a more focused professional and giver.

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